First Steps Toward Healthier Eating

Someone read my story about getting off meds after changing my diet (and staying off them for the past seven years.) I promised to post about it so here goes…

This information all came from a nutrition class that Dr. Stephen Knox teaches in Dalton, Georgia at least once a year. He does this free of charge and provides free snacks for everyone that he gets from our local Kroger. He says he does this to show people how they can make healthy changes without going to extremes or paying tons of money (he has five kids and I’ve always been impressed by his frugal lifestyle.) He doesn’t try to sign up patients or sell stuff – but he does give a very informative and entertaining lecture. If you are anywhere near driving distance, it’s worth your while to attend!

He gives ten steps and also covers how our bodies digest food and use the nutrients. I’m going to start with what I remember and then come back and edit this post after I find my notes. (My dad is in the hospital and I’m a little short of time.)

  1. Chew your food well! Take smaller bites and chew it way more than you would ever think is necessary! He goes on to explain that if our food isn’t chewed into small enough bites, our bodies can’t digest it and assimilate the nutrients.
  2. Don’t drink anything with your meals! Stop drinking liquids at least 15 minutes before you eat and don’t drink anything afterwards – wait at least 1/2 hour or an hour. I’m convinced this is the tip that got me off prescription antacids and cured my chronic heartburn. He explains that many Americans chug tons of soda, tea or water as the gulp their food without chewing. You wind up with food being pushed out of the stomach before it’s digested and that causes all kinds of problems. He really gets into it his lecture not just telling you what to do but explaining exactly what is going on in your body in terms that lay people can understand.
  3. Stop eating sugar and processed foods!
  4. Eat a good breakfast every day!
  5. Add plenty of fresh, organic vegetables to your diet!
  6. Most people need to eliminate dairy products from their diets!
  7. He explains how a baby cow gains ten times their birth weight in its first year by consuming – you guessed it – cow’s milk! He also explains how people in other countries don’t consume cow’s milk and how Americans have the most osteoporosis. (Just as an aside – I’ve been off dairy for 7+ years and my bone density tests have all been normal.)

  8. Add high quality fish oil to your diet by purchasing gel caps and making sure the country of origin is from Northern Europe.
  9. Try to avoid pork. Try to buy chicken that is antibiotic-free and hormone-free. Consider eliminating beef or least cut way back. If you do eat beef, make sure it’s also antibiotic-free and hormone-free.

There is more to add and I will as soon as Dad’s a little better and I find my notes!

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  1. gardenax says:

    Hey I haven’t been here in 6 months. Wow the time went fast.

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