A year without sugar?

Sandy is going a year without sugar. I’m not trying to steal her thunder, so I’ll let her blog about it. But I’m going to try it too. I wonder if I’ll make it three days? (I am not supposed to eat any sugar at all!) Anyone else? If you take this challenge, consider blogging about it and link back to her.

She started on January 1 – I’m starting NOW!

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5 Responses to A year without sugar?

  1. Sandy says:

    Hey!! Today has been brutal! I think most of it is mental! I actually feel depressed!… Horrible how your mind works!! But I am still sticking to it!!! How are you?

  2. leanandgreen says:

    The first time I did this, my doctor said I would feel like I had the flu (and I did – it lasted about 3 days.) I’m relatively sugar-free now but had gotten too lax around Christmas. So really, I’m not doing too badly. It gets better – just wait till you have a buttered sweet potato after two weeks with no sugar – it’s going to taste like pie!

  3. Lyndsey says:

    Wow, I’m not sure I would be able to do that… does it include not having Splenda or Stevia to sweeten coffee, etc? Good luck, I may try it!

    • leanandgreen says:

      Lyndsey – Thank you for your comments! I do use Stevia but my doctor doesn’t like his patients to use Splenda or other artificial sweeteners. It’s funny though – I rarely use stevia – I just forget that it’s in the pantry!! Come join us! You can try it out for a shorter period of time!

      The plus is that I’m already down a few pounds! Sweeeeet!! :)

  4. gardenax says:

    That’s impossible. It’s healthy and unhealthy at the same time. It’s an exercise if you’re a diabetic. But don’t take this the wrong way, but her blood sugar will be low. You can’t have too much or too less sugar. You gotta at least have sugar once a time.

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