Just for today …

I’ll post again about productivity tools soon (thanks for the encouragement Joy!)

I’ve let myself ease up on eating sweets over the holidays and I’m paying the price! I’m fighting a sinus infection, my head hurts, my body is bloated and I’ve gained a few pounds.

I thought I’d share my two favorite weight-loss hacks because I’m going to have to put it in gear – NOW!

First – when tempted, I tell myself, “I’m going to eat right, just for today.” The mantra that is always going through my head is “just for today!” I don’t think I could face a lifetime without a cookie but I can do it “just for today!”

This was a huge improvement for me over “just this once, cause I’m starting a new diet tomorrow.” It was stuck in my head and tomorrow never comes.

Second – consider making your goal (ideal weight, desired waist measurement, BMI, ideal % body fat, whatever) your password. You’ll find yourself reviewing your goal every time you log in.

Now where is that salad?

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One Response to Just for today …

  1. The password idea is interesting! I’ve never thought of that.

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