Lean and green … green as in cash!

Simple Mom commenters are talking about ways to help their family’s finances and I left a comment there with several ideas that either have worked for me or for some of my friends.

I thought I’d share a project I’m currently working on.   We bought a home that wasn’t selling because the interior was ugly seriously outdated.  Because of that, we were able to negotiate a fantastic price on the house.  I don’t know about you, but I hate housework.  I’d rather come home and write a computer program than cook and clean any day! For that reason, I haven’t gotten around to doing much updating.  We painted the living room and got really busy with our careers and raising our kids.

My husband and I talked about our vision for this house (which is still … well … pretty ugly.)   After checking out what homes in our neighborhood have sold for recently, I’m convinced we could make some serious money by updating the interior with paint and some inexpensive decor.   We are empty nesters now and never use half of our home!!

You may not be an empty nester (and I realize this isn’t the best economy for selling a house.)  But I wish I had had the vision that keeping our home updated, decorated and well-maintained would result in some serious money when it was time to sell.  It only takes one buyer and the best kept homes are the first to sell (in any economy.)  A friend of mine always kept an immaculate home and she just sold hers for a very good price.

With the election behind us, many are hopeful that the economy is going to turn around.  Consider anticipating this change and start getting ready.  It’s easier to clean, declutter and fix up a home when you can envision extra money coming in!!

If you don’t own a home, this may be the time to buy.  If you do, try to find a decent house with curb appeal that needs updating on the inside.  You’ll be able to negotiate a better price and you were going to change the colors anyway weren’t you??

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